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WHY I Coach From My Closet

Episode #2: Welcome to the Coaching Closet, I'm your host Richele. Today on episode two, I am sharing with you, why the coaching closet and where did that idea come from? Why do I even talk from the coaching closet and all that good stuff? I've always loved clothing and I've always loved fashion. So my closet is my happy place. Because I love being in my closet. I decided to coach in there with my one-on-one with clients. It's also where I record my YouTube videos and my podcast. Ready to hear more? Let's go...


• So ever since I can remember, I loved dressing up when I was really little, my grandmother, she used to sew for people and she'd make clothing, custom clothes from patterns. And she had a huge box of material and scrap fabric. And I love to get in there with my little sister and we'd put together outfits and we'd make like long trains with these big flowing pieces of fabric and we'd have a grand time for hours. (01:14)

• So I have this wonderful vanity and you can see it on my YouTube channel, the coaching closet. I have a vanity in here where I have all these shelves and drawers with my makeup and I have a, a lighted area and I can see everything really well. So I get my makeup on in here and I have all of my jewelry. It's really organized. Everything is just in its place. And I know where to find it. I can see it. (02:28)

• I feel really in a very positive mindset when I'm in there, but I also thought of comparing life to putting together your outfit and putting together different aspects of your life as you put together your outfits. So, and when I can see all my pieces, they're color coordinated for the most part. And they're also coordinated with long sleeves, short sleeve dresses shoes. When you bring out in coaching, you bring out aspects of your life aspects that you may not have thought about before. (03:35)

• I feel like when you take every aspect of your life and you work on it and it's balanced, you know, you are paying attention to your emotional health, you're investing in that. You're investing in your physical health. You're investing in your friendships, your relationships, your healthy habits, your financials habits, everything has been paid attention to and is in balance and is looking good. It's kind of like when you put on an outfit, if you're okay, I have a shirt on, I have shoes on, you have everything on, but nothing goes together or you haven't really paid attention to it. You just did it. (05:04)


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