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My Story

Richele has been gifted with a heart for people for as long as she can remember and was the “go-to” person for her friends even as a child for them to come to for advice and share their troubles. She had an interesting childhood that allowed her to grow up in a multi-cultural environment. Her father worked in oil and gas, and she lived in Europe from age four to eleven. Moving around the world, having to make new friends and being exposed to different cultures is what she credits her openness to all people.

In addition, Richele is a Christ follower and made the decision to make Jesus the Lord of her life at age ten. She coaches people from all walks of life and religions but from a biblical perspective. Her values are lined up with those of the scriptures in the Bible. Richele is a deeply spiritual person and pursues a relationship with the living God daily.

Richele received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of New Orleans in 1997. She had her first daughter in 1998 and her second in 2003 and was a full-time wife and mother for their entire childhood.

After the difficult decision to end her twenty-two-year marriage because of abuse in 2017, Richele made the decision to use the pain of her experienes for a purpose. In 2019 she started on the journey to becoming a Certified Transformational Life Coach.

In coaching Richele has found her biggest passion and calling as she watches the lives of her clients transform before her eyes! It is the most rewarding thing she has ever done aside from raising her two daughters.



Discover how life is happening through you, not just to you.

My Mission

My passion is supporting individuals as they seek to become the best versions of themselves.  Our road to self discovery and improvement is a lifelong one and can be enhanced and hastened with the help of a caring professional.  With my education, specific training and personal experience I have a unique combination of skills that blend to create a comforting environment where my clients thrive.  If you have dreams in your heart that you long to see happen and goals in your life you would like to achieve, I can help.  If you have pain that you have never quite gotten over or are in a situation currently that you need clarity on I would be honored to support you.  Healthy relationships are my passion and that starts with the one you have with yourself.  You are worth it!  Reach out to schedule a discovery call with me today.

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