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Victoria Alexander - Journey to Confidence

Episode #11: Welcome to the Coaching Closet, I'm your host Richele. Thank you so much for joining me. Today I am so excited because I have my bestie Victoria Alexander here to share her story. I'm super excited to introduce to you my friend, she's a podcaster, she has a podcast called You are the Magic Pill. She is very influential and has tons of insight on relationships, so that's why I brought her on, and she's an expert in inspiring people to go within and find their true. So welcome, Victoria. Thank you so much. I'm so excited to be here with you. Thanks so much for being here. We are going to talk today about confidence Ready? Listen in...


• Oh my gosh, I remember getting up for presentations in front of the classroom, that was the absolute worst, but I did like show and tell though... I don't know why, I could do it if I knew people. It was a small group, but larger groups, if I didn't know people, and the worst part for me being, like I said, it came out that way, was that I moved around a lot, I mean, we lived overseas, we moved around every few years, if not every year, or two sometimes. So I was constantly the new kid, I think that's why I got over it, which ended up being a good thing, but it was very difficult at the time, so I was always a new kid, so now I really have a heart for introverts. Now, I'm extroverted, I'm that friend that kind of goes on side and tries to take them under my wing. (04:02)

• I think over the years, I started to work on myself as the older I got in my 20s, and then I started to go within and do the self-help and just look at stuff that would change my mindset, changed my perception of what I saw on the mirror, and then eventually over time, that did change. But I think the biggest one was the vitiligo, I had a hard time with that because it got worse, and it's on my feet. What is that? For the listeners that don't know what it is? It affects one percent of the population, but it's actually getting more awareness with Winnie Harlow and some other advertisements now, it's starting to be more out there in the world, which is great, but it's a skin disorder, I guess is what you'd call it, but some people say it's an auto-immune disease, I guess that's what it's kind of labeled it as, I believe it has to do with heavy metals and things like that. (7:20)

• That's when I started to have confidence. I started in my 30s and it exploded when I turned 40, after I got out of a toxic relationship, which I talk about in other episodes, and I know you went through that as well. Getting out or becoming yourself, who is Victoria and all that stuff? And I wanted to say about the name calling, kids are just kids and they can be so cruel, but they'll find something... If it wasn't you being skinny they'd I'd be using fat, short, tall, whatever it is, they'll find something to pick on. And they try to take your confidence away to make themself feel better, and adults are not always... They don't always mature, so they act like children, they do the same thing. I remember we moved back from being overseas, and I didn't know all the cool close to wear at all, but when you're overseas in Europe, it just doesn't matter, they were not brand name clothes that we were supposed to wear. (10:35)

• I feel like our mission is to help unlearn that stuff, to help teach people how to unlearn that we can do whatever we want, each individual has that down pat and I do what I want it. Everybody's just going ro say that I do what I want. Yeah, I'll never forget, I never get that girl's name, and I don't want to say it on here in case, but I still know her name in my head, the ring leader. And later, at a drill team competition, I was sitting there and we were watching the solos and low behold, she went out and did a solo. I was like, Oh my God, that's that mean girl from sixth grade. And this is in high school, you just don't forget those people, but anyway, it was fine. You know what, my confidence now is like, I really don't care if people don't like my outfit, I love my outfits. But now, I like to inspire other people with fashion, and I know I do, and if they don't like it, I think anyone should wear what they want, I don't make fun of their stuff. (13:52)

• Sometimes it is, and that's what we're here to help other people to realize is that you really can be yourself, and it's a beautiful thing once you actually accept it and appreciate the differences of others. Like I saw a meme that I absolutely love, and it says, one thing you need to understand about me is I'm me, I'm not you, I love that. It's like I appreciate other people. I love people that are different than me, I kinda gravitate toward to them because I'm interested in them. People the same as me, that's cool too, but a lot of my friends are very different than me, and I love that, I don't think cookie cutter is that interesting, I don't think we should try to be all the same. But what other things have helped you grow your confidence over your lifetime? I mean, you have a lot of wisdom to give. Honestly, I think mostly it's just listening to that inner guidance, that intuition guiding you back home to find out the truth within yourself, and I think that once that you start to... For me, I've always had this calling, and most of us do have a calling to find out our purpose or the meaning of life. (17:58)



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