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Thank You to My Haters

Episode #7: Welcome to the Coaching Closet, I'm your host Richele. Thank you so much for joining me for this episode. This is my official thank you to my haters. It's amazing how life brings things full circle. I know I've shared with you guys how I was such a shy child, and I was brought out of that shyness through a series of circumstances in my life, one being having to move around the world, and my mother being really diligent about putting me in activities to bring me out, and I was not that happy about that. But now I see how it has been used for my benefit, and I think in life, if we can look at situations and see the positive and how it can be used for our good, that we can always see something good. So, whenever something comes up in my life now, I look and I see what can I learn from this experience. Whether it is Good, bad, I try not to really label it anymore, I just look at it and say, What I can learn from this experience? Ready for more? Let's go...


• I'm helping others really see where they can step into their power, they can step into their purpose, they're calling. I'm living that and it's not easy, sometimes people need help. I'm a coach now, I help people do that. And when you're stepping into your calling like that, and you're putting yourself out there to show people, to inspire people, the more and more you do that, the more you give people opportunity to put you down to mock you, to hate on you. I mean, I don't really understand the mentality, but for some reason, there are people out there that do that, and I see it now as an absolute benefit. It's like an obstacle course. When you go through obstacles in life, it's like the course, it's just making you stronger and stronger. (02:42)

• I've had people straight up like spread rumors about me and say things that are just not true, and it's like, Wow, and I won't say things back about them because that's not who I am. So I'm like, I'm not stooping to your level, but that's okay, I'm just going to keep going, and it's really built my fire of wanting to do better and wanting to do more for others, because I realize like, Okay, other people are up against this kind of stuff too, they're up against this hateful, cruel world sometimes, so they need help so thank you to my haters. (3:51)

• What I'm saying now is that you had to go through many trials, but God intended it for his good because he ended up bringing him to a different position. So I went through many trials, but I was brought out of that on my calling, I found my purpose because of that, because of those trials, and if it wasn't for those, I wouldn't get to the place that I am now. So when people try to put you down when they seem like an obstacle, if you'll just look at it as a situation, if you'll just look at it as part of your strengthening process and say, What can I learn from the situation? Then it's probably just part of your story, part of your process, and learn something from it, and just keep going to the next step. (05:31)

• If we're not in a place where there is more people desperately needing help and desperately needing encouragement and coaching on how to really take charge of their lives and being a positive mindset, I don't know where we are, because this last year and a half, couple of years, has been extremely trying on people. So I feel like I'm exactly where I need to be at the exact right time, and if it wasn't for the time table that I had to go through, I wouldn't be here this moment. So be encouraged today, if something is really, really hurting, your seemingly hurting, you just keep going and look for the lesson. (06:34)


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