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New Year, New You, New Love

Episode 22: Welcome to the Coaching Closet, I'm your host Richele Batt. Happy New Year, I'm really excited about what is in store for you in 2022! I've seen a lot of people express to me personally and on social media that the last couple of years have been particularly trying and difficult in so many ways. But with this New Year, I believe it's a time for a renewed sense of hope and purpose, opening up something fresh and something new. In the last couple of years I have picked a word for the new year, my word this year is 'honor'. With that word, I want to really honor everything in my life, beginning with myself. I've talked a lot about self-love on this podcast and about loving yourself first, because out of that is how you will overflow and love others around you.

Ready? Let's get started...


• I had parties with friends where we'd sit around and just cut out magazine's words that we liked and pictures that we liked and things that we wanted to manifest or attract in our lives, and put those on the board. And it's crazy because when you do that and then you put it in a place where you see it every day, a lot of those things will actually come to fruition, by how you look forward to the new year and wanting to create some new things. Maybe you want to have a healthier lifestyle, maybe you would like to change some things that you're doing, maybe enjoy life more, maybe you want to have changes in relationships. I just want to encourage you that if you're first seeing it in your mind or feeling it in your heart that you want to change things, the next thing you need to do is really just take a step forward to do it. (3:21)

• It's really targeted for singles... Mostly singles that have been through a divorce. But it could even be for singles that have been single for a long time. Maybe they've been through some failed relationships or some completed relationships, as I like to call them, not just failed. But anyway, we're going to be really helping them learn to love their life as an individual, and as I do that, getting them ready and prepared to then step into a partnership with someone, if that's their desire. It's great for anyone who's maybe been stuck in a cycle, the cycle dating of the same kind of people. They're not sure why these patterns keep coming up, and they would like to get out of that rut. If that's you or someone that is looking to be introspective and see what their part has been in the relationships that have not succeeded and really wanting to identify patterns that are no longer serving them, and we're going to help you do that. (4:33)

• Find me on Facebook, find me on Instagram, Richele Batt. You can find Rex Romander on Facebook as well, and either one of us, you can ask for any of the details. It's going to be a six-week course to begin with as we create our full curriculum, and is at a discount price at this time. So you want to get in now while you can be grandfathered into this, because we're going to be expanding and enriching everything as we go along. But go ahead and find us, and we are going to be doing twice weekly live Zoom calls that will be recorded and they'll be in the evenings. Whatever is best for our students. And then we're going to have every other week, both men and women in a classroom, so that we can all discuss. We're going to have an opportunity for our students to submit questions ahead of time so that we really know what is on the heart and minds of our students. (7:19)

• We'd love to answer any questions that you have in regards to that class and starting your new year off right! And if you're single and if you are tired of the dating that you've experienced, the relationships you've experienced, if you're not sure if you're in a toxic one... I can help you with that, that's my specialty. We just want to really have a safe, healthy place for people to discover about loving their life as a single person. (8:11)


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