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My Weight Loss Journey

Episode #5: Welcome to the Coaching Closet, I'm your host Richele. Today I want to share with you my weight loss journey and how I took control after my health had gotten out of control. So most of my life I was in great health and I really did not struggle with my weight very much. Honestly, I grew up, I was, you know, one of those kids that I was very involved in dance and sports and very, very active. And so I was fortunate, I have great genetics and between that, and being really active and having a Mom who was really blessed to stay home with us and cooked great meals, healthy meals I learned to eat pretty well. But when I got divorced in 2017, I got in some really unhealthy habits. I was 40 plus pounds overweight over what I had been. While I was at a networking event, I ran into a health coach and she was explaining what she did. I was like, I need you please help me. And I signed up for a program that night. That started my health journey in mid September of 2020. Six months later, I had dropped 40 pounds. And now I integrated the health coaching program that I lost weight on into my coaching practice so that I can help people that are struggling with their health. Ready to hear more? Let's go...


• I would just kind of snack and it wasn't always healthy snacks. And then I would drink wine. I would just grab this, grab that, eat some chips and dips, call it dinner. And then I started going out with friends as I made friends, eating out, things like that. So, you know, I packed on pounds here and there 5, 10, 15, 20. So by the time 2020 hit, I was about 20 pounds up from when I had got divorced, which really wasn't, it was like the top of my weight range, but it wasn't overweight. I was almost overweight, but not really. So then COVID hit and I had just moved to an apartment. And so needless to say, that was when I really got into health crisis with myself. (03:39)

• We went to Vegas and I knew I was overweight there, but it was no big deal. I mean, it was on my mind, but then we went to Cabo together, Jeff and I did. And I think I put it on another five pounds there because it was all inclusive. And we were there for like nine days. I didn't dare awayweigh myself, but I knew I was big. I just felt so out of place. I felt it was at one time at a resort that I was just like, I am like, I'm the fat girl. I just felt horrible about myself. (6:19)

• And now I integrated the health coaching program that I lost weight on into my coaching practice so that I can help people that are struggling with their health. It's not just about weight loss. It's a lot about mindset and all the healthy habits that are incorporated into your health. It's about setting you up for long-term success because I got there for some reason, for many reasons, I got to that place where I was unhealthy and a lot of it, or my emotions and the eating, not having sleep habits, eating habits, drinking enough water, all the things that go into it. All the individual healthy habits that do go into your health, they affect not only your weight, but they also affect your emotions, which in turn affect your relationships. (08:21)

• We need to pay attention, your physical health and your emotional health are tied together so closely. They're interwoven and you can't pay attention to one without paying attention to the other. So I just was so determined to gain mastery over my weight over this thing, that it just was all consuming. At that point, I was like, I have to get ahold of this. And I did. And now it feels amazing to have melted the fat off my body. And now it's not a distraction. It's not a hindrance. It's something that doesn't bog me down. (09:14)


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