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My Story, My Life

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Episode #1: Welcome to the Coaching Closet, I'm your host Richele and I am excited to share with you my very first episode of the Coaching Closet. Today I want to kick off the podcast with a bit about my story, my journey of marriage, having 2 daughters, getting a divorce and entering the dating world once again. Join me on this journey and just allow me to pour into you also many of my other passions are not just relationships, that is my main one, also fashion, travel, friendship, and how to really discover yourself after having been through hardships and been through experiences that you may not want to go through. They may seem like the worst thing ever, and then you look back and you can look at them with gratitude and be thankful for them, even at the time you're thinking, I wish this never happened. And later you can look at him and say, I'm so thankful that happened to me because it made me the person that I am today. Join me in this beautiful experience out of my coaching closet.


• My whole goal was to grow up and become a mom, just like my mom, and have kids and be just like her. I just absolutely loved that she was involved in our activities in school and always there for us. When I got older, it was expected that we would go to college and earn some sort of degree, and I was very interested in psychology, and I knew that I love to be there for my friends and help solve their problems, when I could. (1:07)

• It was around the nine-year mark, I've noticed some things were not going well, and I did bring this up to my husband, and we went to a counseling session. We were given a book to read, and that book would have been helpful in a marriage where both parties were on the same page, but years went by and I realized that nothing was really changing, and unfortunately, a few years later, it came apparent to me that I was not only in a difficult marriage, but in a destructive marriage. (2:31)

• I had stacks and stacks of books that I would just read and read and think, anything, I will just do anything to try to fix the situation. But that is a very, very short explanation of what went on, and in addition to that, we were raising two children, who had their own things going on, and my ex-husband traveled a lot. He ended up starting his own engineering company, he's a very intelligent business man, had a lot of ambition, so he was doing a lot traveling a lot. (4:13)

• I didn't think that I was grown up enough, and I wasn't really ready for marriage looking back, and so I disappeared myself, I shrunk down, and then later on I realized, you know what, I have a say, and I do have an opinion that matters, so I did change the rules. And I even told him, I've changed the rules, and that's probably not fair, so now we need to renegotiate, and that didn't go over very well. I'm just going through this to tell you that that's my story and how it went down, but it didn't go over well because we didn't grow together, we didn't evolve together, and when two parties come together in marriage, you've gotta understand that the people are going to evolve and change, they're going to grow, they're going to grow up. (6:20)

• It was a toxic relationship, and it was an abusive relationship, it wasn't one sided. There was toxicity on both sides, and so in this podcast, in the different episodes, I am going to be going through the ins and outs of how that evolved, different facets of it. I have since become, like I said, a certified relationship coach, and I do help people with understanding relationships and how they can make the relationship stronger, how they can prepare for relationships, and how they can heal and overcome grief after break-ups and divorce. (6:20)


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