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LIVE From Cabo - Birthday Celebration Month

Episode #10: Welcome to the Coaching Closet, I'm your host Richele. Thank you so much for joining me. Today, I'm starting with a celebration month because it is my birthday. I absolutely love October, it gets to be a little bit cooler here where I am in Houston, Texas, and I celebrate my birthday all month long, so as your listening to this... My birthday was yesterday. But I start early and I finish late. And as the years have gone by, I just celebrate for longer periods of time... And right now, I'm in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with my love, Jeff and our best friends, we're just loving it here on the gorgeous beaches of Cabo, I decided to start monthly celebrations. I think it really took off when I turned 40 and I started to see and feel that time was really feeling like I was speeding up. Some people have said time gets faster and faster, and it's kind of weird because, how can that happen? But it just does. It feels like it's not linear, it's not something that's constant it's something that changes over time. It feels so different as you get older, so I thought, Well, I need to link them to make it feel longer and include more people.

Ready? Listen in...


• I don't care if you're just home popping a bottle of champagne or if you get to go on a vacation like I've blessed to do. If we have a reason to have fun, let's go ahead and do it. I remember back when I was a kid and we just looked forward to things like birthdays and holidays, and it was just such an exciting time. I remember having birthdays as a kid and I would just look forward to and playing them out, and my mom was just an amazing mom, she still is, thankfully, but she would make my cakes homemade and she's an artist, she is so talented and crafty. She would design these cakes and I could have anything I wanted on them. She could copy any kind of painting or... Absolutely anything. I had a holy hobby cake, I've had cakes with just all kinds of things on them, any character I could think of. (02:57)

• That's another reason I think we should celebrate, it's because life is a gift. Again, in this time that we're in, if we do not realize it, this moment that Life is a precious gift, then I don't think we're ever going to realize it, because not everybody gets to have another birthday, a lot of us have lost loved ones, and it happens all the time. But even more so now, we realize, I think that it's not something that we should take for granted, and the older you get, the more people that you do see move on and pass on, and it's something that we need to realize that we're not always going to have our loved ones around. And we're not always going to be around, so we need to live every day to the fullest. Each and every day can be a celebration, we don't even have to wait for our birthday, but our birthday is a wonderful time to just say Oh my gosh, life is so great. (5:18)

• I mean, it's crazy how we look at certain milestones because there are certain numbers, but we don't even know where we are, we don't know where we are in our life, we could be at the last year of our life, you know? And if we're just going to be like, Well, it's not a big year, so no big deal. It could be the biggest ever... It's our last year. We need to live it up. So that's kind of how I view it. I mean, I think the earliest birthday I can recall, I remember being really, really, really young, but the earliest birthday party birthday I can recall is like six or seven. I remember turning 8 for some weird reason. I remember my eighth birthday because I had a good dance class, I went and I was like, I feel different being eight, I felt kind of more grown up, which is weird because I was only 8, but I remember telling my mother that and she's like, Oh really, you feel older. I was like, Yeah, I do, I just felt different. (07:18)

• Last year, one thing I started doing was wearing a crown on my birthday and the days surrounding. Everyday I wore it for almost a month, and I was really having a good time with it, and then this little girl... We went to Galveston, and this little girl was like, telling her mom, Look, there's a real Princess. It was really precious actually, I just wore a crown because I thought, Well, I'm a birthday princess, if little kids get to wear all the birthday stuff, why shouldn't we? I just encourage you guys to celebrate yourselves. So this month is going to be about really appreciating yourself as a person and your uniqueness, (09:48)


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