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How to Attract Gratitude by Being Grateful

Episode 17: Welcome to the Coaching Closet, I'm your host Richele Batt. This month has been all about gratitude and being grateful for what we have. It's something that affects our lives in such a powerful way, but it really affects our relationships, and some people don't think about how often it affects the relationships that we draw into our lives. I'm not sure if you've heard about the law of attraction, it's something that has been talked about in more recent days, really often, how we attract what we are, we attract what we think about, we bring about what we are. We bring about what we think about, we create our own reality.

(Please the background noise, I recorded this outdoors.)

Let's dive deeper. Ready?


• Because you know it's like aligning with it and knowing that you deserve it, and knowing that God will give it to you and that you are fully worthy of the future that you intend for your life. That you are fully worthy of love, the love that you are desiring, that the love that you are intending, and the life that you want to create. And you're just standing in that gratitude and so thankful that it's happening for you, and so if you are just going to be grateful for that, you're going to act as if it's already happened for you, and so you live your life thinking about it, and going around the smile on your face like, wow, I'm so grateful for this because it's already happening in my life, and as you do that, and as my clients do that, they start attracting different things, they started tracking positive people into their life. (2:50)

• So those are the types of things that I ask my clients. How would you behave differently if you already had all the things that you wanted? Then you would behave now. So make those shifts now and already be thankful for those things and walking in gratitude for those things that you are wanting to create the vision of your life that you already have. Be grateful, and so be it. I am grateful that I have a great love in my life, I'm grateful that I'm successful, I'm grateful that I am happy and healthy, that I have wonderful friends. This is what the law of attraction is about, it's about visioning something for your life and having an intention for your life and then... living as if you already have it. (4:15)

• What emotions do you experience? We really put yourself in that place with that person, maybe it's a person that you're wanting to be with, having a love, maybe it's friendships that you're craving or desiring, maybe it's pursuing a certain kind of education or a job. Maybe you are wanting to learn a new skill, or have a new hobby or travel, what does it feel like to be there to actually be there? What kind of thrill would you fill in your body and what of things are you experiencing, and once you feel those, it becomes real to you, and that's when you can really know that this is possible for you and you can feel that gratitude. So if you can feel it now, you could already be there. (5:43)

• Take that time to dream a little dream and experience the gratitude... It's so powerful. So do that with yourself. I really hope you can not only be thankful for what you have now, but we think before you have in the future and experience attracting better, bigger things for yourself. (6:31)


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