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How I Found Love Again

Episode #4: Welcome to the Coaching Closet, I'm your host Richele. Today I want to share with you some of my story about finding love again. I really had been through so much through my divorce and really felt beaten down. I wasn't sure where to go. I wasn't sure if I would ever have that true love in my life that was reciprocated, that was a partnership, a friendship. And really, what I wanted to find was my best friend that I couldn't keep my hands off of. And I was wanting that, I was searching for that. I had started to recreate my life. I had found myself in a way that was unique. I wasn't part of a couple anymore. It was just me. It was, you know, who is Rochelle and what do I like? And what am I about? So I started making friendships. I had to create a singles group, and I also started on another part of my personal growth, which was being a client in the coaching program that I'm now a part of as a coach, the community. Then I went through a program called Calling in the One and I now coach it as a coach. So, I was a client and it really helped me to be intentional about what I was searching for, what I was really wanting to call in my life and what my vision was for my love life. Ready to hear more? Let's go...


• It was very beautiful that I had started this singles group because that's where I met my love Jeff. And we met about five months before we ended up dating or beginning to date, it was at an event with another group. And it was just like we said, hello. It was crazy because I was a bachelorette and this speed dating event, and he wasn't in the event. I just said hi, because we were Facebook friends, so we knew who each other was. Then it was a few months later that we met again, but I was seeing someone else. It wasn't until August of that year, 2019 that we were both single and we were at an event and we had heard that we were both single and available and we ended up showing interest and had our first date the very next day. (02:49)

• And, you know, w what we've found is, and what I tell a lot of people, my clients is that healthy relationships aren't always, and kind of usually, aren't these fairy tale romances. I'm not saying that you can't have that or that there aren't parts of it that aren't like that because absolutely. I mean, you should have that. And there was that chemistry and everything, but when you have this really fast and furious romance, and everything's like super fast, and like, I'm gonna marry you within two weeks. And that kind of thing is more of red flags, things to be aware of. (04:20)

• I mean, it's not simple. It is not something that you just go into and you don't have any reservations and you just blindly trust somebody. I mean, we both had feelings involved and we were like, okay, we've got to make sure that this is something that once we put everything into, we want to make sure we are careful with our own hearts. And once we invest, I mean, we're fully invested. So that didn't really come until four or five months later where we were like, okay, we are going to put everything into this. (05:31)

• People they'll observe and say, oh, well that relationship, they definitely have some issues. Well, of course we're two human beings. And I mean, if you look at a relationship and they don't have issues, will they're hiding something or they're not being real. It's not that you don't have issues. Everyone does. It's just the way that you work them out. And honestly, it's wonderful that if you can have those out in the open and it's the way you deal with those that deepens the relationship, it gives you opportunity to go deeper. And that's where your connection deepens. That's where your commitment deepens. And that's the beautiful thing is where you take those times to take them as opportunities to have a deeper relationship and have a stronger relationship. (06:33)


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