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Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Traveling and Friendships

Episode #6: Welcome to the Coaching Closet, I'm your host Richele. I want to share with you experiences I've had with traveling, it's one of my passions. I've been really fortunate and blessed to travel quite a bit in my life, and the reason for that is mainly because I grew up overseas in Europe. My dad was in oil and gas, and my parents were really awesome about taking us with them on trips to different countries. So, I experienced the world at a very young age and really got to appreciate different cultures, and even more than that, I was able to appreciate how experiences are valuable, and I've realized that everything that's been really important to me are the memories that I've made and experiences I've had. Today I'm sharing about a really great trip I went on this summer for a friends birthday, she turned 50, and we planned a girls trip to Key West, Florida. Twelve women, some married, some single, all traveling together to celebrate our friends birthday and have some fun! Ready? Listen in...


• I think this is the first official girl's trip that wasn't about business, it was just an all-girls trip. So I thought, this is going to be awesome, and I thought it was going to be really relaxing. We got down there and I found out that it was a really happening place. What I really found was, I compared it to New Orleans, my hometown. New Orleans with palm trees, palm trees and rosters.(03:31)

• I say girls will always be girls, most of us, we're in our 40s and 50s, there was a couple of younger ones, 20s and 30s, but we will always be girls because when women get together, they're just little girls, we never really grow up, we just wanna have fun. That song rings true, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I mean, we're doing each other's hair, we're doing each other's make-up, we had four women into each room, and it was like a big summer party every night, and we had snacks and drinks, and it was just a blast. (4:49)

• It was very humid, so I just let my wavy hair go, I did not use a hair dryer, I don't think the entire time I was down there because it was pretty much useless. But, we had a wonderful, wonderful time. We just stayed up dancing, I think the latest was like four in the morning. There was a karaoke place open, and a couple of my friends sang, I didn't. I just got a new perspective on the trip, I got new insight to why we need girlfriends in our lives as women. Really, if we don't have them, you may tell yourself you don't need them, but it's very important to have friends. (06:27)

• So I really encourage you, if you have not gotten away anywhere recently, don't let time pass by because your whole life can pass by before you know it, and then you haven't done anything that you've dreamed of doing. Even if it's getting away on a road trip to a friend's house where it won't cost a lot of money, just invest in the gas and go to some place different. Just go and get away out of your normal surroundings, take a couple of days off or take a week away, and give that gift to yourself, give yourself a gift of that time, because it will inspire you and it will renew your faith in things and it will be refreshing. (09:06)


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