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Dating Apps to Make New Friends and Find True Love

Episode 19: Welcome to the Coaching Closet, I'm your host Richele Batt. Let's talk dating apps. So if you're like me and you've been single at one point, you will have most likely checked out a dating app or a dating website, and these can be particularly daunting, especially if you've been thrust back into the dating world after a break-up or divorce or long term relationship. So for myself, I had gotten into my marriage relationship at age 18, married at 20, and I was back out in the dating world at age 42. Reemerging into the dating scene in 2017, everything had changed, and so I had heard from friends that there was this swipe left or right thing, this concept of dating apps, and that's how a lot of people were meeting. This whole new world and the learning curve is crazy and huge, ready to dive in and explore? Let's go...


• There are some that are more for serious relationships, people that are really looking for a long-term relationship or something permanent, and those are... is probably the number one app, or they have a app and they also have a website, and then there's E-Harmony, and you'll see the commercials for these more marriages or long-term relationships, and then there's Elite singles was also listed as one of the ones where there's more long-term relationships on there, and then there are some apps, very well-known for hook-ups, and what a hook up is, if you're not familiar, is just, Hey, let's just meet and... It's just a one night thing. (3:58)

• So on Facebook dating, a lot of times you can see their Facebook profile, which you know tells a good amount about somebody, and sometimes people do have public profiles or part of it is public, so you can see, you know at least a fair amount about them. So I know people that have dated on Facebook dating too, so it is interesting how a lot of people, they say, Oh, I just love to meet my person in the grocery store, that would be ideal if I could just meet them organically. But the truth is, we are living in such a busy culture, and especially in the past couple of years, we're living in more of a digital culture and digital age. (6:36)

• Another option is using a matchmaking service that will actually find matches for you and find dates for you. And so these services are gaining more popularity more recently, and people pay big money not to have to go through the trouble of getting on the app and making a profile and talking to people, and they just want it done for them. And so for busy professionals, they will pay anywhere from $1000, around that amount to $10,000 and up for this service to be done for them to get the matches, to get them dates all the way to setting up the date for them, so that all they have to do is just go out on dates with people that are a perfect match for them. These match services are all over the country, in all the major cities, and there's all kinds of services, and a lot of people are meeting that way as well. (8:07)

• I've also met a lot of friends on dating apps because I would go out and there would be like a major friendship chemistry, but not a romantic connection, and we've become friends, and so that happens too. And I've talked to a lot of people like that too. And another thing, I think if you listen to my episode on 'After divorce, how I created what I needed', I explained that on the Bumble app, there is a BFF portion, and I don't know if any of the other apps have this, but you can find friends on there... And I don't know if guys do this, but it's especially helpful for women that are looking for friends, a lot of times, an adult life, it's hard to find friends as an adult, unless you're involved in a lot of activities or community. (10:29)


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