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Cuffing Season Is Officially Here

Episode 15: Welcome back to the Coaching Closet, I'm your host Richele Batt. With the holidays coming up, we're going to have a little fun and we're talking about cuffing season, if you haven't heard about this, you're not alone because until a few years ago, I hadn't heard of it either. Cuffing season is something in the singles community, it is defined as the time of year when people are looking to be in a relationship, it was first defined in 2010 in the Urban Dictionary, and usually begins around October and spikes in early November and lasts until just after Valentine's Day. So the word cuff is in reference to handcuffs. As the weather cools down and people are wanting to spend more time indoors, snuggling up and looking to find someone to hang out with.

Ready to learn more? Let's go...


• So we will just look for someone to take the holiday parties or just kind of a casual date or to have to take to Christmas parties, like if I'm just looking for a holiday, I'm looking for someone that can be my go-to person. You might have a company Christmas parties, you might have family Christmas parties, and you just don't want to go alone, so people tend to socialize either a lot less around holidays or a lot more... It depends, it depends on your employment situation, your family situation. So it can be a time of great pressure. (02:29)

• I even remember being invited to parties, but not being able to bring someone because I didn't have a boyfriend, so being told you can't bring a date because you don't have a boyfriend, so don't just bring a new date. And I was like, Okay, so I just had to go and be around all these couples by myself. It was really awkward, you know, it's just like... I don't know what's more awkward is if I had had a new date, at least I would had someone to share that time with, or just being there by myself. Being newly divorced and I was there the year before, I was with someone, with my ex-husband, so it's really crazy, holidays can be emotional, and whether or not you're in a relationship. (5:01)

• And there are so many people out there that are just in a situation where they're kind of looking for someone right now and wanting to find a person to go through cuffing season with, because it is the most awkward time, the few months where there's Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and then coming up on Valentine's Day and what to do if you're single. All these different occasions where you don't have someone all the way to Valentine's Day, New Years, it's crazy how so much is focused on being a part of a couple. And I didn't really understand that until I was single. I was with someone from the time I was 18 till the time I was 42, so I was unaware of this predicament, so it's crazy how important it seems in our society to be a part of a couple, and if you're not... It's like you kind of stand out like a sore thumb. I just want tp bring awareness to that to maybe be inclusive of singles. (06:10)

• I think people actually get together and last through the cuffing season. I try to look up a percentage of people that get together around October or September, and actually stay together. I really couldn't find the percentage, but maybe it's a good time to explore that and see if you can find the one that would be a good match for you, and not just a temporary match. It's a good test to see if you can make it through all of those holidays and possibly even meet family, because if you can get along with someone's family, then I think that's a good test to see if you are a match for someone. (7:42)


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